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Yourbrowser.is is a tool for Web Developers and SaaS Support to easily and quickly recognize end-user’s browser details when troubleshooting.

You sign up, set up your checker page (custom subdomain and logo) and then you can start sending its URL to your end-users, together with any custom variables that will be included in reports together with end-user’s data. For example: http://mybrand.yourbrowser.is/?client=John+Doe.

The moment the end-user opens the link, you receive a full report on their browsing environment:

  • Browser make & version
  • Operating system
  • Mobile device
  • Screen resolution
  • Current viewport
  • Pixel ratio
  • Color depth
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Flash
  • Silverlight
  • Cookies
  • IP Address
  • Geo-location
  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Facebook login status
  • Google login status
  • Ad blockers

The website has been built to promote Super Monitoring (our main product). The users (Web Developers and SaaS Support) would send their custom checker URLs to their end-users together with Super Monitoring banners.

Product Hunt

On February 15, 2015 the tool has been hunted on Product Hunt (#2 Product of the Day).

It brought some significant traffic (also through other publications like Life Hacker), lots of sign-ups and great feedback.

PRO Account

In response to that feedback, a PRO Account has been introduced.

For $19/month or $209/year (current pricing) PRO users are able to:

  • use own domain (instead of *.yourbrowser.is subdomain)
  • select & sort detections (boxes) on their custom checker page
  • use custom content boxes
  • use custom feedback (form) boxes
  • redirect users to custom URL after collectingh data
  • display custom URL instead of yourbrowser.is layout
  • hide ads
  • measure end-user connection speed
  • use the API.

Other features

  • Yourbrowser.is works in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Danish, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Integrated with PayPal & PayLane.
  • Invoicing included.
  • Landing page: https://yourbrowser.is/recognized/

Popular content

The application includes a script that automatically fetches statistical browser data from StatCounter and presents it in an attractive way: https://yourbrowser.is/browser-market-share/
It displays data for a given day, but also for a given month: https://yourbrowser.is/browser-market-share/2018/02/ That monthly data has been posted on social media since July 2015 and got many re-tweets.

Another script works under https://yourbrowser.is/clear-browser-cache/. It detects user browser make and displays a short video showing users how to clear cache in their browsers.

“Browser Wars: The timeline” was a popular infographic (also in an animated form) showing how browser market share has been changing since 1994.


Yourbrowser.is doesn’t generate any significant revenue (a couple of paying users), because it wasn’t meant to (see above). With some slight changes (moving some features from free account to PRO – like custom logo) and active promotion it can start generate revenue for sure.

  • brand
  • domains (yourbrowser.is & ybr.is)
  • web application (front-end)
  • user base (~2200 registered users)
  • social media profiles

Annual fixed costs include the server, two domains (yourbrowser.is and ybr.is), SSL Certificate and access to Geo-location API - and they sum up to $260/year.

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