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Yeps is a universal, yet minimalist bar you can add to the top or bottom of your website or Shopify store to make announcements, collect visitor’s emails, promote content, and more.

Customize bars in an easy to use editor with a live preview and launch a campaign in just a couple of clicks.

Countdown timer, sharing buttons, and geo-based messages (like free shipping offers): fine-tune them with advanced targeting options.


Yeps is currently a free product with most users being Shopify merchants. Because of it being free it managed to reach top of the Shopify app store categories for queries like “announcement bar” “top bar” “shipping bar” e.t.c. It’s easy to monetize but we have another product we focus on and have no desire or resources for Yeps!. All growth you can see on a screenshot is organic, with no paid acquisition. It’s possible to boost it significantly with Shopify ads. Yeps! is a COVID-proof product, with growth being boosted by the increasing demand for the e-commerce goods and services.

Visit Yeps! on Shopify: https://apps.shopify.com/yeps-io


shopify app, domain, userbase 


Almost zero expenses, users have few questions and hosting is cheap. It's an ultimate self-service product.

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