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Voxes is a web platform to help capture and manage customer feedback. It is builded for product creators. There are over 30 users registered in a system. It is my side project that I would like to sell to start work on another field because I don’t have growth experience which is needed now. It took me almost two years to develop this version.

Main functionalities:

1. Specific and more detailed voting system (possibility to choose between nice to have, important and critical options – competitors usually use just upvotes).

2. Calculating features impact based on user choices.

3. Discussions on ideas with comments and comment likes.

4. Administration dashboard to manage everything (from user management to workspace primary color).

5. Markdown supported

6. Internationalization implemented (two languages supported at this moment)

7. Team invitations

8. Stripe subscriptions

9. Changelog

10. Roadmap

It is builded on solid technologies (React + node REST api). Ready to start marketing and getting customers.


1. 3 domains (voxes.io, vxs-dev.xyz for dev environment, vxs-local.xyz for local development with subdomain supported)

2. Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

3. Frontend app builded with ReactJS, React-Material, Redux, Formik, Typescript.

4. Backend app builded with nodejs, expresss, mongoose

5. Server infrastructure hosted on DigitalOcean with openresty nginx (custom domains, auto generating SSL support)

6. Auto deploy prod / dev from GitLab


It usually takes < $10 per month for hosting. Once a year there is additional cost of domains (< $100). 

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