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Upwere it’s a SAAS that creates you and your customers a place to talk about product ideas, or report issues. It will also keep everyone updated on systems heath, future maintenance and product updates




What’s next with Upwere?


I will give you the product roadmap where you can see some of the stuff done and couple feature ideas.


What’s the deal?

$7k USD in crypto for everything.

Why? It’s the equivalent of the work hours as software dev.

I will do the transfer to your servers. Or setup everything from scratch. If you found any issue during the first 2 weeks after the transfer, it will be fixed for free.

P.S.: I’m available until March if you want to work on new features. Or helps you to create a team for it.


What’s the stack?

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • Google for Authentication
  • Stripe
  • PostgreSQL



$14usd/y domain

$13usd/y email

$7usd/m servers

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