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An A.I. that creates news of the near future

thefuturfeed.com An artificial intelligence writing the 2021 news. An online magazine in which no sentence, no word, no letter is written by a human.



1. Seller Bio

Innnovation addict who created several startups. Work daily on Artificial intelligence projects. 

I like to make artificial intelligence usable by people who can’t code but want to benefit from powerful artificial intelligence.


2. Executive Summary

It’s an online magazine where news are invented by an artificial inteligence powered by OpenAi.

I never shared the website and it gains +5000views in a few days only with referral. 

You can plug all advertising network or retargeting pixel inside.



3. Highlights

You can use it without coding skills (!!!)



4. Operations

The only job you have is to use the toolkit for generating news and continue to nurture this online media.

I send the name of the tool/API you’ve to use to generate these news + the stimulis/settings to be used that makes the AI react in order to generate news of the future.



The website

URL : Thefuturefeed.com

Subscription email

Process to generate news with an openAI no-code tool (monthly subscription 20$)



40$ / month

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