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Hello! Let me introduce you to our app:

What problem does Steppsy solve?

Too much time spent on research and planning a sightseeing trip

How it does that?

By creating exclusive sightseeing plans based on individual preferences in a matter of seconds

More details!

Steppsy is custom built mobile app with it’s own database of over 100+ cities and 5000+ attractions that is used by our unique algorith in order to generate personal trip plan.

User has to go through 5 steps in order to get his exclusive itinerary that can be saved for offline use in foreign countries! It consists of attractions that are selected based on a preference. Google maps integration allows user to navigate to each attraction. Each city has its own travel tips for better orientation! Try it our yourself!

Business model

App is targeting B2C market. It generates revenue from and and affiliate programs. There is also code ready to start selling in app products.

Who might be interested?

Any individual connected with travel industry. App will be great asset to your existing ventures like travel agency, search engines (flights, places) or it can run on its own! You decide!

Latter support, maintanance and development of the app is also part of discussion!


- Hybrid mobile app (currently only Android released, iOS tested),

- Custom made database with 100+ cities and 5000+ attractions,

- Custom in-house built algorithm for trip plan generation,

- Automated releases,

- High quality custom built software with quality checks,

- Admin panel,

- Landing Page,

- Domain,

- Social media (FB, IG),

- Logo, graphics, mocks.


Monthly hosting expenses are $60 for basic setup. Domain is < $50 per year.

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