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App Overview
Tobi will drive more traffic to your online store – and increase your sales too! This innovative app works with SMS and Facebook Messenger to send customers promotional offers, order updates and reminders if they abandon their shopping cart.
We have 1793 customers of which 646 have confirmed application charges.
36% of all active merchants use the paid version of the app.
MRRUsage based + 142 Merchants are on the $29 per month plan
Years Operating 2.5
Number of Employees 9
App HQ LocationPoole, UKYearly
Revenue2018: $46,785.26,
2019: $150,697.31, Growth x3
2020: $20,532.65
Monthly Installs 350+
Sale price 400k
Sale currency USD
Support required up to 3.5 hours weekly or 30 minutes per day

Reason for selling

To focus on other projects company profile

CEO, Co-Founder: Tomas Kacevičius, 13 years experience in digital marketing
CTO, Co-Founder: Eligijus lipskis, 8 years experience in development
Co-Founder: Marius Podvoiskis, 12 years experience in development
CMO: Ieva Dauderyte, 12 years experience in TOP advertising & digital agencies

App Team:

  • 2 back end developers (15 years and 2 years experience)
  • 1 merchant hero (support team)
  • Team of freelancers:
    • 2 copywriters
    • 1 designer
    • 1 front end developer
    • 1 DevOps
    • 1 senior back end developer (consultant)

Contact name: Tomas Kacevicius
Contact emailtom@firepush.io
Shopify App Store Link apps.shopify.com/tobi 
SASI App Linksasi.unionworks.co.uk/tobi

Server - 130 USD monthly Domain - 60 USD yearly Shortcode - 800 USD monthly MailerLite - 50 USD monthly Support - up to 1 hour daily Developers - on demand.

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Current MRR$12,000Founded2018 Product link


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