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Launched in 2017, EasyALPR has become the number one App for ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) in the App Store by providing a software that allows parking enforcers to scan and upload license plate information in real time to check when a vehilce is in violation of parking rules. With clear market fit EasyALPR has seen 1,300 lifetime installations.


The domain names:

(i) www.easyalpr.com.

(c) The App Store application:

(i) https://apps.apple.com/us/app/easyalpr/id1193063280

(d) Website content and all related electronic files:

(i) Website database and content; and

(ii) Website files.

(e) Graphics, Logos, Slogans, etc.

(f) All content of the Business and Website.

(g) www.easyalpr.com software source code.

(h) Accounts:

(i) Stripe;

(ii) Profitwell;

(iii) DigitalOcean;

(iv) Twilio; and

(v) any and all operating accounts of the Business.

(i) And any other asset of the business:

(i) Website source code;

(ii) Software source code;

(iii) Blog/Forum source code(s)

(iv) any and all other assets and source code(s) of the Business.

(j) Social media accounts:

(i) Twitter: https://twitter.com/easyalpr; and

(ii) any and all other social media accounts of the Business.


Client database:

(i) Email lists; and

(ii) all other customer information available.

(l) Email Accounts:

(i) any and all email account(s) associated with the Business


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