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I’m selling a SaaS app Optin Architect (https://optinarchitect.com)

The app enables creation of simple lead-gen optin popups in different formats: site-wide, in-line, sidebar or popups.

It has over 30 good looking templates that can be easily customized using a simple popup editor, and extended in the backend with new templates.

The reason I’m selling the business is because I have no time to maintain it. The project was launched in 2015, and following the email promotion with my partner, it make 35k USD revenue in the first 3 months of the launch.

After that, we haven’t had any time to work on it, and sadly the payment has not been functional since then.

The app is hosted on Digital Ocean, 4gb RAM instance that costs $20 / month to run it.

The unfortunate thing with being too busy is that payments don’t work, as we haven’t had time to upgrade the payment integration, therefore the current MRR is not as it could be.

The only work required is customer support, as server is configured in a way that it requires 0 or minimal work to keep it going.

  • Domain name
  • Landing page
  • Rails app
  • User database (2400 users) 

20usd/month + backup costs (can be turned off)

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