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Why this business was started

My fiancée and I started this shop as a side project to learn about drop shipping and make additional income for our future. We wanted to use this business to learn how we work together, how to grow a relatively large following on social media, and what the best price-points are for jewelry sales. 

The reason of selling this business

Need funds for another business venture, the inflation also affected me selling the store. This is a good opportunity for someone in a better position to run the store.

Personal support after sale

For questions on advertising, website modifications or other ecommerce-related matters, please feel free to ask me at any time. There is no time limit, it is always possible! I am happy to help you start the business, and can explain how to advertise on the platforms. We can have calls through: skype, zoom, teams, whatsapp or the preferred way whatever is most convenient for you to have communication. I will answer all your questions for 1 year, and help you grow the business.

Logo and branding assets

All logos and branding assets will be provided in a digital drive.

What’s involved in running this business

very little work is required to run this business. At the end of each business day you go on to the suppliers website and all of your orders will be there and you just have to pay once for the orders and they will automatically ship out to your customers. To get more orders in organically you will have to post on the tiktok everyday with the videos that I will provide to you. I will include my current supplier and also ways to find cheaper suppliers. the dropshipping connections is done through DSER.

Website files
Social media accounts
Email subscriber list
Brand assets (logos, etc)
Supplier contracts
Custom technology
Unique content
Unique design

Shipping USD $203 /month

Marketing USD $133 /month

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