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At the beginning of the year I started working with front and back-end devs to build a fully-fledged job board SaaS MVP

It has:

  • Super Admin
  • Client Login
  • Candidate Login

Super admin can  can login, create pricing tiers (per job, monthly, annually) for job posts and for CV search. They can upload logos, create colour schemes, add static pages, manage users, approve job posts, and loads more.  They can add upsell pages when a Customer posts a job.

Customers can post jobs, manage jobs, email candidates, create company profiles, search CVs and more. They can have multiple users.

Candidates can create profiles, upload CV, fill out profile, save jobs, apply for jobs, manage jobs and so on

t’s built in Php Laravel 8 and hosted on AWS.

It’s a great app for selling a fully functional job board software. We’ve spent hundreds of hours getting the prototype built and working well.

I’m looking to sell it because I’ve just had a child and don’t have the time to dedicate to it on sales and marketing, and tying up loose ends.

Therefore, I’m largely looking to cover costs and hand it over to someone passionate about taking it on and getting customers. 

Selling code base, ip, brand, domain, documentation.

If interested, I can give you demo account access for all sides of the app, and show you full documentation.


Selling code base, ip, brand, domain, documentation.


AWS - $5pm

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