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M3U Editor is a SaaS which allows IPTV enthusiasts or pros to edit their IPTV playlist files (.m3u files).

Users can merge playlists, reorder channels within them, or complete channels with missing information.

The software in its current shape and form launched end 2019. Currently there have been about 12500 user registrations, of which about 300 are currently on a paid plan.

All users are organically generated, without ad campaigns. Very little attention to marketing has been done, the software seems to be advertising itself from one user to the next.

Revenue stats this year:
January: $905.37
February: $939.99
March: $1128.47
April: $1120.57
May: $1887.01

The difference in the MRR is explained by many yearly payments. 

The software runs fully autonomously, and this project can be run with a minimum amount of time spent on customer contact.


All: code + domain name + users


Hosting costs: approximately $30/mo.
Intercom.io: $49/mo early stage plan for chat support, onboarding tutorial and docs. Is currently not used to its full potential and could be replaced with a cheaper/free solution.
Payment fees: Stripe + PayPal

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