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Track simple & honest customer feedback

Guestify is a saas-based evaluation and analysis tool for customer feedback, which provides authentic and meaningful real-time evaluations of customers directly on site. The platform offers small, medium and large businesses an inexpensive access to modern internet-technology and software business intelligence. With the multi-location feature a business can easily setup and deploy their surveys to their branches. Either on a receipt, on a packaging or directly on site the client is able to hand in a rating of a business, product or service quickly via a QR-code with their smartphones without an app.

The backend allows monetizing accounts of each business with a predefined premium plan (automatic registration, automatic payment, automatic invoicing).

Feature overview

  • Customer survey on site
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Simple survey catalog
  • Custom scaling setting
  • Individual QR code for each survey
  • PIN secured
  • Simple analysis and usage with beautiful charts
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics
  • Customization of Look`n`Feel
  • Widget for websites 
  • E-Mail notification
  • Excel export
  • Responsive smartphone support (no app needed!)
  • Multi-location management
  • Multilingual
  • URL matching and redirection
  • Table card templates ready for printing
  • Management for business accounts

Audience: any kind of business with customer traffic

Number of clients: no clients due to no marketing

Reason of selling: it was planned as a test project for restaurant businesses and the case was confirmed. In the right hands it has a potential. I am employed and not able to run a side business.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  1. Main TLD domain guestify.net + subdomains 
  2. Public website with content
  3. Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  4. Frontend and Backend built with CakePHP, Bootstrap, jQuery
  5. Server infrastructure hosted on Hetzner with apache (custom domains, auto generating SSL support)
  6. Git repository 
  7. Logos PSDs


The system is recently accessible in public but dormant.

  • Hosting: recently 5€/ month 
  • Hours of support: recently 1 hour per month for update reasons
  • External costs: recently 0€

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