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Duomly is an easy, interactive, and fun way to learn programming. 

The app was the idea of two programmers who know exactly what kind of pain it brings to find a good, exciting, programming courses and not get too confused. 

The idea was to make it fun and show people that writing code isn’t a quantum physics, and everyone can learn how to code. 

Duomly was build to fulfill this need, to give everybody who wants to learn an accessible way to get the technical knowledge in a human way, with beautiful graphics around. 

We wanted to build the app which let users to learn something cool, in a way they will enjoy it like never before.


Almost 10k users

About 100k reach in all medias monthly


Mailing list

Blog: https://www.blog.duomly.com

Job board: https://www.jobs.duomly.com

Dev.to profile: https://dev.to/duomly

Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/duomly


Everything is about $100 (hundred) per month.

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