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Botdelive is a 2FA and push notification API service that works via Messenger, Telegram, and partially integrated Whatsapp (not on production). Botdelive’s target customers are corporates, startups, and indie developers. Botdelive never started to launch paid plans. So, it doesn’t have any revenue yet.

I started this startup 2 years ago and successfully graduated from y combinator’s startup school. but, because of the financial state of mine, I couldn’t keep working on this beautiful project. I was a solo technical founder and it was too hard for me to do everything. because of that. Botdelive stuck at the beta stage because I didn’t find a time to implement a subscription/billing module, but everything else is ready to get real customers. I don’t want to see this project failed because of me. it can shine again with an experienced team. for now, I want to focus on another startup.


Botdelive brand name (includes domain name), source code (includes the current state of the database), digital ocean 30k USD credit (this will expire sooner, but we can try to talk with them to renew it because I never used this credit since I got from startup school. digital ocean sometimes helps with this situations), AWS ~2k USD credit. and also, the Twilio account that has official WhatsApp business API access to send messages over the WhatsApp. basically, every asset Botdelive has.

This is how the 2fa API of botdelive works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgzxw_qodpo. botdelive is registered as a company in Estonia using the e-residency program. the owner of company transfer should be discussed besides this sale. I will need to check some legal requirements. it might not work, but I will try. I'm using Xolo as a legal service provider.


There are only server and domain expenses.

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