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Boost is a lead generation tool that allows you to grow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links.

Who it serves: digital marketers, marketing agencies
What market is it in: Email marketing, lead generation


How long in business: Since 2018

The reason why I am selling Boost.link is because I have become interested and involved full time in other projects over the last year. Boost.link is a unique tool and highly potential because we have made thousands of sales proving that people really need this product.


Now I want to sell it to a company that can take care of the product and its customers better than I do and grow it to achieve its full potential.

Most income is affiliate income and is not MRR.
Total email list: 15000 (including over 7000 users and 8000 leads)

✅ $273,501 in TTM revenue ✅ $53,729 in TTM profit ✅ $23,478 in revenue last month ✅ $4,735 in profit last month ✅ Competitors: Leadpal

  • Codebase and IP
  • Website
  • Domain
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media accounts
  • User list
  • Lead list


  • Minimal hosting: ~$70/month
  • Some technical support to users
  • Email marketing via SES: $12/month
  • Around 2 hours of work per week

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