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Background & Details

BoltScale is an uptime monitoring and status page SaaS. We provide robust uptime monitoring and beautiful, hosted status pages for our customers.

Uptime monitoring

We measure the response time to our customer’s endpoints (including their websites and APIs) every minute. If anything goes wrong, we alert them via Slack or email. 

We also integrate with hundreds of popular third-party APIs (such as GitHub and Digital Ocean), meaning that we receive ‘incident updates’ for any downtime that they post on their own status pages.

Status Pages

Our customers can display key uptime metrics on their status page, and let their own users subscribe to any downtime alerts.

For example – customers can display the response time to their own APIs (and third-party APIs that they monitor) on their status page, giving transparency to their users.

Metrics & Motivation for Selling

We have ~50 registered users. We have no paid users at this time. I only recently started advertising, but unfortunately my real job has been taking priority and thus I don’t have time to continue working on this on the side.

All the tech is finished – all this needs is for someone to take over and begin marketing it, and I believe this can be turned into a super profitable business. The margins for status pages are very good – take a look at what StatusPage.io is charging, for example.

  • Domain (https://boltscale.io)
  • Logo and all assets on https://boltscale.io
  • Mailing list
  • Entire website (including frontend & backend)
  • Social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

The frontend is written in Vue.js.

The backend is written in Node.js and uses PostgreSQL as a database. 


My current expenses total < $15/month (but this can likely be reduced to 0). This primarily includes a monthly GSuite membership for email hosting; PostgreSQL database; and web hosting; all on Google Cloud Platform.

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