Although time-consuming, developing a business proposal is vital to analyze the market, create a sales/marketing plan, and prepare financial statements.

The repetitive and confusing process, however, has led to the development of business proposal software. Unlike the manual operation, quality proposal technology can be time-saving, so you can just focus on acquiring sales, increasing ROI, and streamlining customer support.

Creating a business proposal manually is vulnerable to errors. Innovative and top-notch technology, on the other hand, can ensure consistency and accuracy in planning without costly and stressful mistakes.

It’s always overwhelming to construct a stunning, effective, and professional proposal. But the use of high-end platforms can make the process easier than ever.

Also, proposal software can help solidify your services, increase prospecting, boost project completion rate, minimize procrastination, increase revenues, provide accurate reporting, improve content management, protect your data, and more.

Wondering where to get the best proposal software for your business to achieve targets faster?

This comprehensive guide got your back. Are you ready? Read on for more details!

1. Prospero

Developed by SAGE, Prospero has been creating noise around the world since its launch.

Perfect for creatives, designers, freelancers, agencies, developers, and writers, Prospero is reputed as a professional proposal software tailored for easy creation of quality proposals. So, impressing potential clients will be fun and simple.

Many people are afraid of using proposal software like Prospero because of some technicalities. The truth is, the system is suitable for those who are less tech-savvy. The dashboard is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and the templates are customizable. There’s no complicated procedure to follow, too!

While you can develop proposals as quickly as possible, your content will look great on devices of any type. There’s a large selection of ready-made, aesthetically nice, and customizable texts.


  • A great solution for freelancers – Prospero is the most sought after tool for small businesses and freelancers out there. It offers cost-effective individual plans that are ideal for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Document flexibility – Who doesn’t want to build proposals quickly? Prospero allows you to complete the project within just a few minutes while taking the quality of results to a different level.
  • A range of proposal templates – Limited template options can be disappointing. Prospero, on the other hand, offers a variety of templates that suit your needs.


The starting price at Prospero is around $5.00 per month. It is not only affordable but also reliable.

2. Pandadoc

As a feature-packed document management solution, Pandadoc enables the comfortable creation and sharing of documents online among its users.

It supports pre-existing digital documents, Docs, and PDFs. It works well with sales collateral, agreements, quotes, and contracts, too.

For businesses or organizations where document building and delivery is critical to operation, the software can lead to immediate results.

Equipped with the top cloud technology, Pandadoc facilitates documents of any type. These include contracts, proposals, legal documents, HR documents, quotes, and more.

It comes with a bunch of free and reliable templates, enabling you to build and enjoy unique and accurate business documents.


  • Easy to use and powerful document creator – The proposal software is available with content blocks and templates, making the creation of documents quick and precise. It is packed with a drag-and-drop editor that enables everyone to produce various documents.
  • eSignatures for a quicker process – You have prepared a specific document. Now, what’s next? Perhaps, there’s a hierarchy of people who need to sign the papers. Delivering the documents to the signer and sending them back can be time-consuming. Pandadoc has been developed to reduce hassles. Thanks to its electronic signature technology.
  • Increased efficiency – Rich with features intended to streamline the sales process, Pandadoc boosts efficiency in small, mid-sized, and large businesses.


Pandadoc has also been popular because of its various pricing plans. These include free trial, individual, Business, and Enterprise.

For an individual plan, the subscription costs around $9 per month, while for Business, the package is available at $49 per month. For the Enterprise, you can request a quote today.

3. Better Proposals

Better Proposals is another proposal builder that crafts professional documents with enough speed and a good level of comfort.

Built with easy to navigate features, this tool can streamline and speed up the proposal development process without compromising high-quality outcomes.

The ready-made templates are customizable up to your liking. You can also create your own template, too.

There are various reasons why potential clients get disappointed with your proposal. Perhaps, the content does not capture their interest. Maybe, your cover pages are boring. Don’t worry! Better Proposals can help impress your target market with an appealing and creative document.


  • Get drafting and sending of proposals done within minutes – Yes, drafting proposals is a tiring task. But Better Proposals can change your experience. Rich with the required capabilities, this platform enables you to make attractive proposals with just a click of a mouse.
  • Template builder – Better Proposals have ready-made templates for businesses of any niche and size. In case you don’t find something relatable and responsive, you can create your own template.
  • Great customization options – Clients receive a number of proposals. So, how to stand out from your competitors. A well-customized and catchy document can make your goals happen. When you’re on the lookout for the right platform, Better Proposals is here for you.


Better Proposals provides three subscription packages, including starter, premium, and Enterprise.

The starter plan costs $19 per month. The premium is $49. The Enterprise, on the other hand, is only available for $99 every month.

Try thee free trial and see how Better Proposals works!

4. Qwilr

Another proposal software is Qwilr. Unlike the other tools in this list, its pages have outstanding analytics that you can save, copy, and even reuse a couple of times.

The platform lets you pitch decks, build quotes, and create proposals that exceed the industry’s highest standards. Perfect for collaborating ideas and winning clients, the tool is an excellent investment for those who have a hectic schedule.

Before creating a beautiful web, documents were quite tricky. But it has never been easier with Qwilr.

Aside from its aesthetic value, the software has been designed to ensure efficiency. It delivers the best pieces of documents to be at the fingertips of professionals.


  • Customized fonts and styles – Have you been using hard-to-customize fonts and styles for months now? There are customizable fonts, styles, and templates at Qwilr you shouldn’t miss.
  • Work across devices – Yes, you have beautiful documents/pages. But when they don’t work across devices, your efforts will go to waste. Qwilr, however, ensures pages that can work across devices.
  • Mobile-Friendly pages – Your webpages can be accessed from windows PC to smartphones without problems.
  • There’s a collection of images and videos – That’s not all! This feature is available for free.
  • Secure experience – Your personal details and other important information are safe and highly confidential. Other features include free templates, powerful tools, e-sign, export webpages, and more.


Just like the other proposal software, Qwilr comes with a free trial. If you are impressed with its performance and functionality, there are subscription plans for you. These are the Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

The Pro costs $29. For the Business, it’s around $79. For the Enterprise, it’s $250 per month.

5. Proposify

Have you been searching for a SaaS-model web platform that automates the proposal writing process without a good result? Then, don’t look further than the Proposify.

As a SaaS-model web tool, Proposify streamlines the proposal development procedure by addressing possible and complex issues.

It is catered to deliver a reliable way to manage proposals, enjoy reusable/customized templates, and work with teams.

As a flexible platform, Proposify is an ideal app for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. More particularly, the software is excellent for advertising, design, marketing, and other creative industries.

Before, the whole proposal writing procedure was complicated. But the introduction of Proposify simplifies any project. So, clients can save their time while focusing on other important business aspects.

Proposify takes pride in its user-friendly platform. Easy to navigate, the system provides a wide selection of starter content, pre-built templates, and other new designs.


  • Content Library – Searching the web for logos, photos, and diagrams can be a headache. Worry no more! Proposify features a content library, which consists of commonly used assets.
  • Embed Media Content – Every business owner wants to offer rich media content. But it’s quite tricky. Proposify, on the contrary, lets everyone embed videos, pictures, and other types of information with quality and quick results.
  • Collaboration is effective and easy -Using Proposify encourages collaboration among your team members. Now, your staff can channel their expertise and experience on a specific proposal. There’s no need to send or read documents.


The plans at Proposify include Tall, Grande, and Venti. The Tall costs $19 per month, while the Grande is available at $100 every month. For Venti, feel free to contact Proposify. They are just a call away!


Free to use? Effective? Flexible? Name it! AND CO has all the characteristics you need from the proposal online tool. Due to the fantastic features, this software is the top-notch option for more than a hundred thousand businesses across the globe.

AND CO is capable of managing tasks, finances, and time of small or large businesses.

Over the years, the system transformed into a full-stack solution. That means it can handle payment collection and proposal creation.

Equipped with a number of tools, AND CO has contact/proposal management, invoicing, task management, time monitoring, expense tracking, and more.

AND CO is reputed for award-winning customer support. You can reach them via live chat and be surprised by their accommodating and professional team.

Another thing we love about AND CO is that it can be accessed on PC, iOS, and Android devices. But wait, there’s more! It supports different languages and currencies.


  • Supports integration with a range of services – These include Visor, Slack, and Zapier.
  • Visual reports – Do you want to know or measure how much progress your Business has made? If yes, AND CO comes with a reporting tool that matches your needs.
  • Global and secure payment processing – Aside from proposal creation AND CO enables businesses to receive payments from customers worldwide. Packed with PayPal and other payment gateways, AND CO makes everything more comfortable than ever.
  • Innovative expense control – Let’s be honest. Freelancing is a risky endeavor in terms of financial resources. Good news! AND CO delivers an expense tracker that will help manage your capital, cash flow, and profits.


There’s no expensive subscription package at AND CO. The services and features are free. Enjoy!

7. Nusii

Another proposal software is Nusii. Available at $49 per month, this tool provides at least 8 basic templates with proposal content and quality design.

Similar to AND CO, Proposify, and Qwilr, Nusii’s templates are simple to tweak and customize. So, you can provide your clients with something relevant, responsive, and interesting.

Incredible customer support has also been associated with the platform’s reputation for years now. Whether you have queries or concerns, please feel free to contact Nusii.


  • Building proposals is quick – Say bye to the hassles of proposal development with Nusii. You can also be sure of error-free and quality results within a short period of time.
  • User-friendly and fun to use – Handling a business is stressful, right? When you’re on the lookout for proposal software, Nusii is the tool you deserve. It is easy to operate and fun to utilize.
  • A great number of integrations – Zapier-based integration? Nusii got you covered. The team has also been improving its integrations, so let’s hope for the best.
  • Email-based support – If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send your thoughts to Nusii’s email. Its customer service has an immediate response time you’d enjoy!


All features and support are only available at $49 per month!

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